a) At the Studio
Safeguarding your specifications: we have graphic design facilities to assist you with file preparation for output and also, to supply immediate, initial sample of print works prior to actual production run.

b) During Pre-press
Producing qualitative print: we process the digitally generated images and transfer them onto high quality plates that incorporate Multigrain technology for richer tone reproduction and faster exposing speeds.

c) At Press
Eliminating cost excess: our press department is equipped with a range of printing machines that include the new 5-colour Komori LS 40 with in-line coating; from basic 2-colour printing to multicoloured works, we will ensure that all your printing needs are met within budget.

d) Upon Finishing
Ensuring on-time delivery of quality: The advantage of an in-house finishing department means we are able to monitor the progress of all ongoing printings. Thus, cutting down on handling errors and potential delays that could hamper a job completion. Explore our full range of finishings that include die-cutting, glueing, waterbase varnish, UV varnish, blister varnish, calendaring, board-to-board lamination and flute lamination.